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General Information
On enrolment at Bellevue School, your child will be placed in a classroom
appropriate to their current learning level.
It is necessary to complete some enrolment documentation.

Starting a new school is a really important event and we are keen to help children
make the transition as smoothly as possible.
To this end we work closely with the Pre Schools to ease the transition process.
If your child has any problems or difficulties that we need to know about,
please let us know.
These Ministry of Education websites hold interesting information for parents:






Starting School
 For 5 year olds we suggest that enrolment is completed a term before their birthday
 to help us with forward planning of classes.

What we need:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Vaccination records
  • Completion of the Bellevue School Enrolment form

The enrolment form is available on this site to print and complete.

 Pre School Visits
Parents / Caregivers are encouraged to bring their child for pre-school visits
before starting school.
These can be arranged with the school secretary at the school office.

If your child is joining us as a five year old, it is helpful if she / he:
  • can recognise and write their name
  • knows their address and telephone number enough to repeat it when neccesary
  • has some alphabet knowledge  -  letter names and sounds
  • can count to ten and recognise numerals 1-10 in printed form
  • knows colours by name
  • can put away equipment after use
  • knows how to use a handkerchief / tissues
  • knows how to put on shoes and do up laces
  • knows how to flush the toilet after use and to wash hands
  • can undress / dress without assistance  - (swimming)

If you have any concerns or queries please
do not hesitate to talk to your child's class teacher.

 If your child is leaving our school, please inform us beforehand,
so that we can arrange records and documentation to ease their transition
into a new school.
Please make sure that all school books and resources are returned before leaving.