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School Guidelines


The 4 R's

The aim is to encourage all students to live by our school values...


    because we want our students to be responsible for themselves, the environment and others in their community.

    because we want our students to be respectful of others, the environment and cultural differences.

    because we want our students to be risk takers, to strive for excellence and to meet challenges.

    because we want our students to be innovative, inquiring and curious learners who think critically, creatively and reflectively.

General Guidelines

  • A watch and a stud in either or both ears is the only permissible jewellery
  • No sweets or gum allowed 
  • No make-up or perfume 
  • Sunhats must be provided and worn while outside throughout Terms 1 and 4. 

Students' Behaviour & Discipline

Bellevue School aims to provide a happy, safe environment which fosters self discipline, self esteem and respect for people and property.

The school shares the responsibility with parents/caregivers of laying the foundations of acceptable and desirable behaviour which will allow students to live and work together co-operatively.

The majority of the students in our school are well behaved, respectful and polite to each other. They consistently receive positive feedback. All must behave appropriately. Violence in any form will not be tolerated. Any such incidents will be acted on. Follow up may involve letters or phone calls home and family meetings. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, outside agencies may be contacted to assist with overcoming the problem. Students may be stood down or suspended for continual major disruptive and inappropriate behaviour – a last resort option.


School Councillors                            

The school councillors are elected by their teachers and peers to support all students in the playground. They also assist with sport activities, discos, and other events at Bellevue School.