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 Vision and Values
        Together we make the difference, treasure the past,
              embrace the present, challenge the future.

Our Vision

  • Establishing an emotionally supportive environment where children can build on previous knowledge and work at their own level
  • Providing children with child centered programmes, fostering independent learning, challenging their curiosity and promoting creativity
  • Respecting cultural diversity and the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Making shared responsibility towards further learning paramount - for children, teachers, parents and the community

    Our Values

    The 4 R's

      because we want our students to be responsible for themselves, the environment and others in their community.
      because we want our students to be respectful for others, the environment and cultural differences.
      because we want our students to be risk takers, to strive for excellence and to meet challenges.
      because we want our students to be innovative, inquiring and curious learners who think critically, creatively and reflectively.