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Key Competencies

Key Competencies are the capabilities people need to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities.

Using Language, Symbols and Text
Managing Self
Relating to Others
Participating and Contributing

Students at Bellevue School are best helped to develop the Key Competencies in the school setting, when these are integrated within and across all learning experiences – not treated separately. Teachers will endeavour to focus on two things  -  simultaneously teaching the substance of subjects, and helping students to develop the Key Competencies.

Competencies are integrated and holistic and are needed by everyone across many life contexts, to meet important challenges.

Learning experiences will support students to develop the Key Competencies.

Competencies are performance based and inferred from the actions, behaviours and choices of an individual in a particular context.

Student / Peer reflection of the Key Competencies requires:

  • well understood success criteria
  • others involved in supporting the individual's judgment making (peers, adults)
  • a belief in the value of doing it, and a commitment to acting on feedback / feed forward

The true measure of how well the Key Competencies are being developed is how well they are demonstrated in a range of variable life contexts.

At Bellevue School the Key Competencies will be:

  • Embedded within the School Values
  • Incorporated within the Bellevue Learners' Mission
  • Intentionally integrated within the Bellevue School Curriculum
  • Reflected upon as part of the learning journey against agreed criteria
  • Encouraged within and beyond the school environment
  • Modelled by all Staff

The school has an important role to play, but it cannot make all of the difference on its own.